Mountain Road

The Rules:

     We would like to take a minute and inform everyone of the Mountain Drives official group rules. A copy of the official group rules will also be maintained on the "Announcements" section of the Facebook page. Hopefully much of this goes without saying - but we strongly encourage taking a moment to review and familiarize yourself with them - as you will hear us mention many times - Safety is our number one priority!

General Group Rules

Be Respectful To All Members
  • Healthy conversation and debate is definitely encouraged - we do however have a zero tolerance for starting drama, issuing threats (either digital or verbally), inciting violence, bullying, or similarly immature behavior. In extreme cases, we will be willing to cooperate with local law enforcement.

No Soliciting
  • If you are interested in becoming an affiliate or sponsor of Mountain Drives, please reach out to Travis Carguy, Cameron Padron, Mathew Wellons or Tyler Baker.

Be Respectful of Local Law Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement is just there to keep order & keep the populous safe. While speeding tickets are an unfortunate thing for us, the officers are just doing their job.

Event Rules/Guidelines

  • The safety of our community is of utmost importance to the group, and we strive to take every measure possible to mitigate the risk of potential incidents.

No Crossing Solid Yellow Lines
  • Crossing a solid yellow line poses an inherent danger to oncoming motorists - particularly on tight blind turns in the mountains.

No Reckless or Aggressive Driving
  • Driving dangerously or aggressively by passing on double yellows, excessively tailgating, or anything else that will endanger other members of the group as well as innocent motorists.


Absolutely NO Impaired Driving Of Any Kind

  • These acts are dangerous for you and everyone around you and will not be tolerated by the group.

No Donuts, Burnouts or other Immature Behavior
  • Actions such as these are irresponsible, dangerous, and paint a poor image of the group.

Be Courteous To Other Drivers
  • Exercise caution when passing other vehicles

  • Watch out for Pedestrian Cyclists on the side of the road - Turn on your vehicle's hazard lights prior to passing them.

  • Watch out for Motorcyclists riding the center yellow lines.

  • Be polite to local motorists - especially when they let you pass (wave/honk at them if so).

  • Drive your drive as if you are being followed by yourself. This means, if you expect the slower car in front of you to pull off, you must pull off when the car behind you wants past.

FRS/GMRS Radio's Are Required During Runs
  • For a variety of reasons - safety and organization being primary - FRS/GMRS enabled radios are required to participate in a run.

  • Radio’s will be available to rent or buy at every event - speak to Travis, Cameron, Mathew or Tyler.